Looking for a low Budget Wedding Venue ?

Post date: Jun 22, 2015 6:08:02 AM

Many people spend tens of thousands of dollars on a wedding... but others find less expensive ways to have their dream day without breaking the bank and giving up a house deposit for their future.Have you thought about getting married at the Ringwood Masonic Centre ?

Ideally, we would look for a date where you could have the Friday. Saturday and Sunday for setup, reception and then an after party or simply to clean up. That takes a lot of pressure of yourselves and your bank balance because not only are we easy to deal with, in the world of weddings - we're cheap!

We don't compel you to buy our "wedding menu" or " wedding drinks package" - because we don't sell alcohol nor do we supply the food. You can take yourself off to the local discount suppliers and bring your own food and drink - at prices you choose. And typically folk getting married at a wedding venue like ours have friends who pitch in with the cake, food and the setup - helping is a great wedding gift and will mean a lot more than yet another toaster or dinner set.

Contact us today to talk about how you can make the Ringwood Masonic Venue the perfect place to have your wedding or wedding reception .

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