New Google Sites

Sunday 17 June 2018

We've just migrated this web site from "Google Old Sites" to "Google New Sites".

Google New Sites Content Management System (CMS) seems okay, but lacks some of the functionality of the Old Sites. I've converted because I have about 6 sites and this is one of the most simplest and smallest; the income generated from it is also vital for sustaining our community hall. My largest website is over 500 pages and has subpages of a depth New Sites cannot cope with using templates (filing cabinet in particular) that New Sites do not have; so the site map of that website needs a full redesign. I am not even sure Google Sites in its new incarnation will be suitable.

That said, I have proceeded here because while Old Sites were only mobile friendly, the New Sites are mobile responsive. I've swapped functionality and flexibility for mobile friendly on a site which did not use many features of the old CMS.

The "younger crowd" will like the drag and drop features and generally simplicity, but that is at the cost of general functionality and access to wide templates, including being able to design your own. I considered this last year, but you initially could not use your own domain - you can now. AND because there was no migration tool, again now a migration tool exists, but more than updating the CMS, it transforms the old site and the "announcements" (Blog) function will be missed, as will be the filing cabinet and being able to attach documents to a page.

Below is a video I found particularity helpful on dealing with my custom domain.

While I review, apologies if the site is not looking as good as it should.



Hall Manager