Ringwood Hall Hire

Post date: Apr 8, 2013 9:19:43 AM

My name is Damien and I am the new booking manager of the Maroondah Masonic Centre. I manage the Centre for short term hire of one day to several weeks. Please check out our hire photos, FAQs and you can contact me here via email or telephone to hire the hall or our other facilities, including car parking.

The Maroondah Centre is the second Masonic Building I manage. Some years ago I took over a sleepy hall in Collingwood and over the years have transformed it to a vibrant and busy place used by both Freemasons and the wider community.

At Ringwood, we are blessed with a high standard venue which has been well maintained and we are slowly increasing the level of our hire activity. In recent years the other Centre I manage was only used a few times a year for non-masonic purposes. Today, that centre has become a vibrant place where weddings, arts projects, rehearsals, arts projects, performances and other community events happen weekly. Our aim is to mirror that at the Ringwood Masonic Centre by offering the hall for hire.

Freemasonry has a strong tradition of supporting the community. From being one of the first providers of Aged Care in Melbourne, building the Freemasons Hospital, to more recent efforts like the Black Saturday Special Effort where Freemasons raised over $1.2 million dollars for the victims of those fires. The Board of Management at Ringwood are keen to see our hall utilized more by the community. Sharing our buildings with the wider community is just one of the many valuable contributions Freemasonry makes in Victoria every day.

We have almost finished building this hire web site, but such a project is ongoing. We will be continually improving it and that it brings many users to the Centre for casual short term hire and perhaps ongoing hire as well. Please share this web site with your friends, family and colleagues.

Our focus for the next 12 months will be “building the business” and offering an inexpensive hall hire alternative sharing our modern facilities and large hall and other hire rooms.

Warm regards


8 April 2013