Hiring FAQs

Ringwood Masonic Centre (Corner Aird Street)

24 Warrandyte Road, Ringwood, Victoria, 3134


This information addresses casual hire. We will also hire the hall for longer recurring periods of time, and if you are thinking that way, we would love to hear from you but you should still read the below. The below information is supplied to try to reduce basic inquiries to our volunteers.

Please read all the Frequently Asked Questions on this page before contacting us.

For information on our booking process – please see this page.

How big is it ?

The hall is about 15.9 meters by 10.9 meters, 174 sqm (all approx.)

(Ceiling height is about 3.5 meters).

How many people can the Hall accommodate?

The hall can seat around 120 at tables. (Table sizes are shown further down the page)

For larger organizations looking to hire on an ongoing basis we have other spaces available by negotiation.

How about smaller groups?

If you have a smaller groups, keep reading, we have a meeting room also for hire.

Can I hire the hall for children's parties?

Certainly! We welcome parties for younger children but please note, we do not hire the hall for parties for groups aged in the 15 to 45 year age bracket.

Can I hire the hall for a bucks' night party?

No, our hall is not available for hiring for bucks' night celebrations.

Can I hire the hall for a 21st Birthday Party?

No, our hall is not available for any birthday parties marking 15-40 years of age

What type of events have been held in the hall in recent times?

Some examples include, clothes and liquidation sales, workshops, dinners, club meetings, film shoots, presentation of annual reports, weddings, social get togethers, focus groups, cultural events, community planning meetings, training and education, theatrical and dance rehearsals and lessons.


The timber floor in the main hall is timber parquetry and durable but hirers still need to take care and note that inappropriate foot wear likely to damage the floor such as dance shoes with metal taps are not to be worn in the main hall

How much does it cost?

The cost of the hall is by negotiation.

Several factors will determine how much you pay to use the space. These include

  1. The frequency of your use

  2. The time and day of the week of your use

  3. The activity you propose to undertake.

The dual goal of offering the hall for hire is to allow wider community and commercial use of the space and to generate income.

Naturally we need income to meet utility and maintenance costs, but a particular goal is to raise funds to apply to keeping our facility modern and in good order. Once we achieve that with cash provisions for rainy days, we plan to apply surpluses to charities in the local area, partly by letting not-for-profits use our hall for free, but our ambition is also to support worthy local community programs with cash sponsorships and grants. All users of the hall are helping us move closer towards that current very important goal.

Can I hire the hall once for a couple of hours or so for $30 or less per hour?

Very unlikely.

Putting aside costs to us like cleaning and utilities, the hall will often be opened by a volunteer making a special trip especially for you. We do not have an on-site manager or staff like a Neighbourhood House or commercial studio or hire space. However longer term tenants are supplied with keys which removes that problem.

Should we be in a position to staff the hall daily; that might change. We will keep you posted !

When can I gain access for setting up?

You should include set-up time in your booking.

Can I book extra time so I can set up before my function?

Yes, but you need to take set-up time into account when describing the period of time you need the hall.

Can I book the hall for several days, a week, or a month?

We love that kind of booking and are keen to book the hall to groups for longer periods and on an ongoing basis. That said, there are monthly and bi-monthly standing bookings of an evening which we have agreed to and any confirmed booking must take precedence.

How do I secure a booking and when do I pay?

First and after reading all the FAQs, email hire@ringwoodvenuehire.com.au or phone 0407 805 616 to check the availability of dates. Once an agreement on access and charges has been struck, you will be issued an invoice which you must pay to confirm your booking.

Are there any cancellation fees if I choose not to use the Hall?


The current standard Cancellation Fees are – 25% or 50% for less than 1 months notice and 100% on 14 days or less notice.

Is there a security bond?

Yes. A fully refundable $500 security bond is required on or before the day of hire, in order for you to receive the key and/or access. Our volunteers are under strict instruction not to allow access to the hall to casual users without a bond. We sometimes vary that bond amount for activities deemed high risk.

Do you often deduct money from bonds?

No, it is very rare.

That said, we take a bond to protect our position and in cases like leaving the hall dirty or damaged, you will be charged.

I have used the hall before without problems, do I still need to pay the security bond?


Can I lose my booking?

Yes you can. If you abuse or damage our hall, or fail to make any agreed payment, we reserve the right to cancel your booking and offer the time and space you booked to others.

Default or misconduct by a hirer resulting in termination of the booking will be treated as a Cancellation by the hirer and Cancellation fees will apply.

When am I required to return the key?

We will mutually agree on a time and method for you to return the key, normally within 24 hours of your hire concluding.

Can we smoke cigarettes, cigars and the like in the hall?

No. Furthermore, butts are not to be discarded around the property.

Is the Hall close to Public Transport?

Yes ! Very close ! It is a very short walk (about 500 meters) from the Ringwood railway station and just over the road from Eastland, and there is a bus stop outside our front door - the hall provides ideal access to Public Transport. You might want to check this page

Is there a carpark?

Yes, two ! We can park around 50-60 cars on site, and there are adjacent car parks plus on street parking.

Does the Hall have disabled access?


Does the Hall have disabled toilets ?


Am I allowed to decorate the walls and the structure?

Yes, provided that all fixings cause no damage and are removed.

Can we serve alcohol?

Yes, as long as you comply with the Law, which we think will include having a Temporary Liquor License. It is your responsibility to obtain any permits including Liquor permits necessary for the proposed use of the Facility. This link might help. And this link might also help. Or telephone 1300 650 367

Do you provide a PA system?

There is audio visual and a PA system. If that is too high tech for you, feel free to use our piano.

How much noise am I allowed to make?

We do not want hirers who are going to disturb our neighbours. Noise and music are to be kept to moderate and lawful levels and contained inside the hall, especially at night. During the day the semi-commercial nature of the street tolerates more noise than a purely residential area. Hirers are required to be considerate toward our neighbours when returning to their cars or accessing taxis.

Any direction made by the Manager, a Board Member or any Statutory Body such as the Police to reduce noise volume must be immediately followed and adhered to.

Is catering available, how about food?

We do not organise catering. We only hire the space. You can use our kitchen. You can eat and drink in the hall. This is a great plus for many of our hirers.

Chewing Gum

You and your guests/clients/visitors are not allowed to have chewing gum in the hall.

Do you have an oven and stove?

When your booking includes the kitchen, you will have access to our oven and stove. Most users only reheat food using the oven, and being an unregistered kitchen, you are not allowed to sell food to hall users. You will also need to bring your own cookware. Check our kitchen information page here.

Are plates and glasses provided?

The kitchen has some glasses and plates, but you are advised to make sure we have enough of what you need.. Check our kitchen information page here.

Are tables and chairs provided?

Yes. If you wish to hire chair covers from an external supplier, click here for chair measurements. We do not supply chair covers.

There are 12 large round tables. Diameter 1.65 meters approx. Height 75 cm.

We also have rectangular tables for your use - but most users seem to prefer the round tables. Most tables are 1.12 meters long, 76 cm wide, 75 cm high.

We have about 120 chairs available for your use.

I see a stage in your pictures - how big is it?

The stage in the main hall is 2.6 meters by 4.8 meters approx.

Does the building have heating and cooling?

Yes, the hall has heating and air-conditioning. These must be turned off prior to you leaving.

Click here for instructions.

Am I required to clean the hall?

Yes. You are required to sweep the hall and leave it as found. All balloons, decorations, etc must be removed. Any items used must be washed and stored away in the cupboards provided. Tables or chairs should be returned to were you got them from.

All foodstuffs need to be removed from the kitchen, including from the refrigerator. Floors need to be swept (and spills mopped if necessary), and all kitchen surfaces wiped down. (Brooms, bucket, mop and a cleaner’s sink are provided.) Cleaning extends to any litter or cigarette butts that may have been dropped outside the entrance. Failure to do so will result in a charge being levied against the key deposit (security bond).

Am I required to remove my rubbish?

Yes, you are required to remove all rubbish from the premises to your own bins. The large bin in the adjoining car park must NOT be used. No rubbish is to be left on the curb side. We recommend you bring a few sturdy garbage bags with you.

Where can I get a copy of the Hire Agreement Form?

That is still being developed. It should be ready in a couple of weeks.

Can I inspect the Hall?

(We put this towards the below of this page in the hope you have read the above).

Yes, you can initially see photos of the hall here.

Part of the goal of this web site is to reduce volunteers having to attend the hall to potential hirers.

If necessary, a closer inspection can be arranged by emailing


or calling Damien on 0407 805 616.

I think you do a great job and want to make a donation!

Ha ! You didn’t consider that we would think of that one to put in here! We would be grateful of any corporate, government or private financial or material support for the Ringwood Hall !

Please contact us.

Hey !!! I have a question which is not covered here !

Contact us and ask ! You can do that via email or phone.

Although every care has been taken to ensure the correctness of this information, its accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Interested parties should make their own investigations, especially in relation to any Laws which might effect your event.

The Board of Management reserve all rights to refuse and amend hire arrangements.

All hirers are bound by the above FAQs which are part of your agreement to hire our hall.