User Manual - Heating & Cooling

The Centre is well heated and cooled.


The Control Panel for the Heating and Cooling is near the Board Room. All users will have been shown this location.

The Control Panel has three panels of switches.

The top left hand one is the panel users of the main hall need to use. This is clearly labelled "Air Conditioning Unit 1".

The bottom left hand one is the panel users of the assembly room need to use. This is clearly labelled "Air Conditioning Unit 2". The assembley room is the carperted room often used for training.

Users cannot adjust the temperature which is set to a comfortable level. The unit automatically determines if heating or cooling is required to keep the main hall at a comfortable temperature. All you need to do is turn the unit on or off.

Length of time

All users should note the unit only operates for 6 hours. After 6 hours, you will need to return to the control switches and turn the unit back on. It automatically turns off at midnight. If turning the unit on after midnight, it will only run until 1 am. We ask you turn the unit off when leaving the building to save costs and the planet.


Heating Cooling Ringwood Masonic Centre 24 Warrandyte Road

Above is a photo of the switches. The top left hand side one marked "AIRCONDITIONING UNIT 1" is the one you need to use to heat and cool the main hall. Simply depress the "START" button. Make sure the light for the "SUPPER" is on. If the "LODGE" light is on, change the switch between the two lights under the title "SYSTEM CHANGER" to "SUPPER" . This will keep the main hall at a constant temperature.

If you are a user who has booked the assembly room (the carpeted room with whiteboards) - follow the same procedure as above, but using "AIRCONDITIONING UNIT 2". Use the buttons under "system changer" on "Air-conditioning Unit 2" to make sure the light is on "Assembly" and not "rehearsal".

To turn the unit off, simply press the STOP button.

I get calls complaining the system is not working. This has NEVER been the case - the problem has always been user error with our external hirers. If you cannot contact us by phone, make sure you have read the above careful and followed it exactly.

Additional notes for Freemasons

The supper room and lodge room cannot be heated at the same time. We suggest having your Tyler change this just before you come of of the Lodge Room.

Either the Assembly OR Rehearsal can be heated at the same time. The Assembly area is the carpeted room from which the lodge room and rehearsal room are entered. Unless notably hot or cold, we suggest you don't heat or cool the Assembly area. This will cut running costs.